Livery Service

Vale View Equestrian- The premier livery
yard and competition venue in the midlands.
At Vale View we can offer a variety of livery options, and will be happy to design a package to suit you, Whether
short term holiday stay, schooling or full livery.

All prices correct at time of print: April 2016

All prices are subject to periodical reviews; 1 months’ notice will be given before any price increases. For all types of livery, we ask for clients to leave payment for outside practitioners prior to treatment, e.g dentist, chiropractor, farrier etc.

Standard Livery Packages Available:
  • Base Livery (Extras available)
  • Full (Extras available)
DIY LIVERY (In Main Yard)

£11.50 per day/£80.50 per week – Straw

  • Stable on main yard.
  • Field turnout..
  • Straw, Haylage & Basic Hard Feed.
  • Use of horse walker and outdoor arenas.
  • Tack cleaning, grooming or cleaning of muddy horses when brought in from the field are NOT included in this package. Please refer to Extras price list.
  • Rug Laundering – for all livery, we would prefer if clients could take this home and
  • Arrange dry cleaning.

EXTRAS for All Livery:

The following will be added to monthly livery bills and are subject to VAT:

1. Additional bringing in or turn out or walker or tacking up for lesson £ 3.00
2. VVE Staff putting horse on the walker for 45mins £ 3.00
3. Plaiting £ 10.00
4. Mane or Tail pulling £ 10 each
5. Clipping: Full (incl legs) £ 50.00
6. Hunter Clip £ 40.00
7. Extra work lunge or hack £ 10.00
8. Winter Turn out (1st November – 31st March)
(clients are welcome to turn their own horses out to avoid this charge).
£ 10.00 per day
9. Lorry Parking £ 25 per month
10. Trailer Parking £ 15 per month
11. Hold horse for vet/dentist/farrier £ 5.00*
12. Use of Indoor Ménage (When available) £ 15 per horse *

Please note * indicates Extras applicable to DIY Livery Clients only.

FULL LIVERY (In Competition Barn)
  • £22.50 per day/ £157.50 per week
  • Straw
  • £26 per day/ £182 per week
  • Shavings
  • Stable in Competition Barn.
  • Field turn out available.
  • Turn out/ bring in, & rug changes. (Service available from Vale View Equestrian staff 1st April – 31st October. See extras for winter turn out)
  • Straw, Haylage & Hard Feed (2 feeds a day as required).
  • Daily mucking out, feeding, watering and skipping out.
  • Full Grooming 5 (Mon – Fri) days per week, use of solarium. Additional grooming will incur charge of £3.
  • Tack cleaning twice per week. All rugs to be laundered as necessary
  • Use of horse walker and livery ménage.
  • Space in secure tack room. (Meets Insurance company standards).
  • Horse lunged, hacked, or schooled as appropriate by VVE staff two times per week.
  • Extra exercises will incur an additional charge. Horses can be put on the walker up to three times weekdays.
  • Supervising horse during any visits from farrier, dentist, chiropractor, vet etc.
  • Use of horse walker and livery ménage.
  • Space in secure tack room. (Meets Insurance company standards).
  • Horse lunged, hacked, or schooled as appropriate by VVE staff two times per week.

Limited use of indoor school, when available. We will sincerely endeavour to offer clients use of the National Indoor School whenever possible, however, it must be ‘poo picked’ immediately, and not tracked in. We will aim to advertise available times on the ‘livery board’ weekly.

Clipping, trimming, worming, & rug cleaning will be added to monthly livery bills.

Horses will receive 3 bales of shavings per week; if additional shavings are used they will be added to your bill.


A minimum of one weeks’ notice is required for horses to be put on full livery at weekends, there will be an additional charge of £10.00 per day.

Horses may be put on full livery for full weeks the cost per day will be £20.00 per day, this must be booked 2 weeks in advance.