The Lakeside Arena – All Weather Cross Country Schooling Facility


The newest addition to Vale View is our Lakeside Arena, a purpose built all weather cross country schooling facility. The landscaped arena which is 8,000m2 features drops, ditches of varying sizes, an extensive water complex which boasts both sloped entry and steps of varying heights. The arena itself was designed by International course designer Angus Smales and built by Equestrian Surfaces using their fabulous Soundtrack surface. During the winter months the Grand Prix Arena is also used exclusively for cross country schooling, giving you over 13,600m2 of surface and sometimes even more!

We have a wide range of weighted cross country jumps that have been designed and built by BE accredited course builder Dominic Moore of Jump1. These range in height from 70cm to 1.05m and we are awaiting arrival of some 60cm and 1.10cm jumps to add to our collection. Don’t forget to see if you can spot Frank the Duck or Charlie the Croc!

These facilities have also now allowed us to expand the range of competitions that we can offer. We offer One Day Events on a monthly basis throughout the spring and summer. Throughout the year we also hold our Arena Eventing Series which culminates in a grand final usually held in September. We have also started to run an annual unaffiliated 3 day event in the summer. We also plan to bring further camps and clinics to the centre. All of these events run completely on all weather surface so no risk to your horses legs and not reliant on weather.


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